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Thug Hunter "Menganno": "Superhero" of Buenos Aires is unmasked

"Menganno": A hero of flesh and blood
With a blue and white shield and a dark helmet chased "Menganno" in the suburbs of Buenos Aires criminal.But now the self-proclaimed superhero has revealed itself - and on top of that has a problem with the police.
Buenos Aires - He has made some effort, I'll give him. But the outfit looks like work, it's a mix of Batman and Captain America: Before Menganno embarks on his mission, he is dressed in dark blue and black, on the chest and arms it binds plastic cover. His face he hides under a helmet, only the mouth area can be seen. On the left chest - just above the painted Sixpack - emblazoned with a big yellow letter M as Menganno.

So disguised the self-proclaimed superhero made several years chasing criminals in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, he patrolled regularly on his motorcycle, distributed clothes to the needy and good advice at all.But now the hero has fallen, revealed his identity: Behind the mask, the ex-cop Oscar Lefosse. And the 43-year old has to answer for carrying a weapon without a license, how to police now.
On Monday, it was evidently led to a shootout between Menganno and several predators. Three gangsters opened fire on the car in which he sat with his wife, said the alleged superhero. Then he fired back with his Glock pistol. On the Facebook page of Menganno a photo of a bullet-ridden vehicle can be seen.
According to "El Mundo" is a Citroën C3. The shots were fired outside the house of ex-cop in Lanús, he did not even get his superhero uniform here.
But as a police officer, the news agency Telam said all the shots from inside the cars were fired. "He could have killed someone, an innocent passer-by," said the policeman. "He has acted irresponsibly."Furthermore, the license for Mengannos weapons last year expired.
Almost three years ago Menganno told the AFP news agency that he was going really only with a flashlight, a compass, and pepper spray to hunt down criminals. He called himself Menganno because the name is neutral, he said, "El Mundo". "Behind everyone could stick." According to theFacebook page "Menganno - Your Superhero" he likes the movies "Titanic" and "The Gladiator" and preferred listening music of U2 and Eros Ramazzotti. His favorite characters are listed there: Captain America, Batman and Zorro.
aar / AFP

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